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When “No man’s sky” was announced, this announcment has hit with quite the impact. A sci-fi game sporting a procedurally generated, and thus infinite universe in true pink and blue 60’s science fiction colors is apparently just what the gaming community has waiting for.
So far, the first trailers hint at vast exploration as well as some combat and danger elements.

The whole universe will be done on the-fly using procedural generation,this means that what you see before you is not created by hand, but that everything is born from a set of algorithms. This system of creation is actually used in a lot of games, such as Elite, numerous running games like Temple, the Civilization series, classical roguelikes such as Hack, and more.

In No Man’s Sky the player is challenged with exploration of this vast and complex universe. It is so big, that Sean Murray from Hello Games has stated that “if you were to visit one virtual planet every second, our own sun will have died before you’d have seen them all”.
Each planet has their own set of laws that dictate how the plants and inhabitants of that world grow, evolve, breed and survive. Erosion plays a part just as in the real world meaning that planets change and develop as time goes on. The game is so large that – to make sure things will run smoothly virtual drone testers are sent out into the game taking screen shots of what they discover so that the creators can be sure that worlds are creating and evolving as they should.

While the coding and mathematical aspect of this is amazing, this results in players able to fly down onto a planet’s surface, explore the ecology and then simply take off to explore other worlds.Every planet and it’s animals and creatures is unique.



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