Release Date: 21. September 2017 


Tom Francis

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Game Summary

Playing either as an assassin or thief, “Heat Signature” let’s you explore the galaxy in the search for loot or your target persons.

Not exactly on the light side of the law, the first teaser videos makes it look like a lot of fun.


From the latest video, there are four factions in the game.

Sadly, no information on the foundry yet.


Offworld ship

Stealth bomber offworld ship

Inside an offworld ship

Inside an offworld ship

Those are the ships that look like stealth bombers.
These guys are the local police force. As such, they are zealously non-lethal, and very high tech.

This is a very elitist mega corporation that has grown into its own culture.
High tech, aggressive, absolutely ruthless.

A souvereign ship

A souvereign ship

Inside of a Souvereign ship

Inside of a Souvereign ship


The glitchers are the military arm of a civilization, teleported into far space by accident.
They make do by cobbling together ships from everything they can scrounge together.

As to be expected, they are also quite aggressive.


Glitcher ship inside

Glitcher ship inside



So far, three types of teleporters are known about.

Snake Teleporter
High range, but it takes a path around – not through – solid matter.
If you want to teleport somewhere, doors need to be open.

Swapper Teleporter
Swaps place  with another person. Does not need a clear path, but has a limited range.

Visitor teleporter
High range, gores through matter, but you only “visit” the location you teleport to for 3 seconds.